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  1. So basically: 0° is the x axis and any positive rotation of an item rotates it toward the y axis? How annoying.........
  2. Still doesn't make sense to me. Any angle deviation from the x axis............any increase in value should surely be clockwise? Why should Designer be different from any other angular application or calculation? It only makes a little sense if you are saying that when an item is rotated by 20 degrees that the 20 degree azimuth is now the vertical or horizontal (or whatever datum you start with). But that is completely at odds with any other application of rotation I have seen. It also makes further calculations of rotation by increments more difficult than it needs to be. Anybody got a logically explanation? Why is this way a good idea? And why have to rotate the donut by 90° to make the start and end angle work? ?????
  3. Does anybody else find it odd that when rotating an item that for a positive angle rotate (say 20°) the item is rotated anticlockwise? On any compass turning 20° would turn you right or clockwise? Is this some sort of strange design convention that I don't know about or a setting that I can't find because this is not logical in the real world.. Similarly the start and end angle when drawing a donut bear no relation to 360° (or vertically up the screen) that I can figure out? And if you increase the start angle it also moves anticlockwise - which in the real world should be a decrease in angle? Can anyone enlighten me because what should be a simple mental calculation - I want the donut start angle at 225° and the end angle a 135° becomes a nightmare of dragging the ends around until it looks roughly right then looking at the angle Affinity design is using and then guessing whether to add or subtract degrees to achieve accuracy. It's doing my head in!
  4. J4BPX

    Multiple Paste item Bug

    The project now won't open as it crashes the app. I'll try and recreate in a new project..
  5. I have a designer project that contains about 60 artboards. On each Artboard there are items that are common across all the artboards. Is there a way of have a 'Master' Item of these common components so that when I update that, the update is applied across all the artboards? At the moment I have to update the item, copy it and go to each artboard and paste it in. It would be a lot simpler just to update the one item and have it update across all the artboards.
  6. I created a grouped item that I then copied and pasted to multiple pages (not the master page). When I moved a pasted item on any page, items on other pages also moved as well. I saved and closed the project to try and break the behaviour but on reopening the project it crashes the program. Rebooting the computer didn't help.
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    Margins set in Master Pages do not apply to pages when you set the Master