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  1. m00nMan

    Trim Tool

    Thanks for the replay. The Boolean geometry operations work, but are very time consuming and so dependent on top to bottom layer order. I work with a lot of custom odd shapes for logos and it often gets confusing as to what layers are in what order without doing careful layer ordering before doing the Boolean subtracts, adds, divides, etc. I was looking for a solution within Designer that’s does something like in my picture.
  2. m00nMan

    Trim Tool

    In Affinity Designer on iPad, is there such a tool that allows one to trim curves to other curves. For example, if I have a Donut Shape with a square shape on top of it and I want to take the tilted square shape out of the donut shape but want to leave the curves of two sides of the square intact while trimming the other two sides to the intersection of the outside and inside curves of the donut, then trim the donuts curves that fall inside the shape to the curves of the two edges of the square. In this example the Donut shape after the Trim would be a closed shape and the two lines of the square would be and open shape. If anyone is familiar to AutoCAD’s Trim tool, exactly that tools functionality but in Affinity Designer for iPad. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!