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  1. Thank you everyone for your responses! Nice to see we have an active community I have attached 2 screenshots to show my brush settings. No in fairness please keep in mind this is happening with large tiff files coming in from Capture One Pro 11 in ProPhoto RGB format, and when i'm zoomed probably 400+% into the photo. I haven't been noticing it in the last couple photo retouches I have done seems to be an intermittent issue. Perhaps a memory leak of some kind? Not 100% sure what may be causing it. But I another issue I had with the in-painting tool happened last night during a retouch where it turned the selected area into a bright yellow/orange translucent highlight. I should have taken a screenshot. Restarting affinity took care of this. So it looks like performance issues that remedy themselves upon an application relaunch. Wish I could provide more data on this but i'll also attach my system specs.
  2. Thanks I'm using an Intuos PT S (Intuos Photo Small) Driver: 6.3.30-2
  3. On my Late 2015 5k iMac I'm seeing these lines after I release my pen from my Wacom tablet. I notice it when I'm zoomed in using tools such as healing brush, inpainting, blemish removal tool. The lines are not on the actual image and they do go away, however when editing it is very distracting. Let me know if you need any additional information.
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