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  1. See the image of a google doc I attached, by the bullet points there is an arrow that increases the indent of the bullet and then auto creates a white circle bullet point. I didn't realise you could use the tab to do that. Loving the software by way
  2. Be great to have th standard bullet point tabs that shift tabs across like in the image, I know you can choose different bullet styles, but this is a real pain. Much better to have the little arrow icon to create the following (or see image as well): How you should stay connected – there are many ways to do this, but what is most important is that you choose a way that is easy and people will use. Discuss the ways that people already use to stay connected and see if those will work for you. Cheers, mike
  3. Inserting picture into picture frame no way to change the crop. When you enter a picture into a picture box, you cant drag the image around until it displays the crop you want to see in the box, you get a cropped image that fits the box, giving no way of repostioning the image. Cheers, Mike

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