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  1. Another +Plus for data merge I use it a lot in PagePlus
  2. Hi always been a big user of PagePlus and this is a very easy transition. I know Afinity tried to get away from its legacy origins but PagePlus was an amazingly powerful desktop publishing application, Publisher is very similar and I'm looking forward to learing every part and every tool. I have noted the following problems. 1. Pages keep defaulting to show as list even when I have not selected it in the sub-menu on the righhand tool menu. When unselected it defauls back to view as list, mainly when clicking on another menu eg Layers. 2. Also alignment is a knightmare with very little controll over the space between objects when multiple items are selected. It need a more detailed menu and it need to be more inutative eg. when right clicking I need the correct menu items for the task I'm tring to complete. 3. When hovering the main menu on the top tile bar all the menues default far left, they would be better left aligned to the menu items. eg. File, Edit, Document it would look a lot neater and be easier to follow. Looking forward to how this program developes as will be lookingforward to purchasing the final product for my office.