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  1. Hello, I often prepare a file for printing in RGB mode and at the end I choose the export via CMYK (ikl. ICC profile) as PDF file. The printout from the printshop is often much too light and the colors are washed out. Does the file have to be created in CMYK from the beginning? But then the colours between the screen and the print do not match.
  2. mchotti

    Error during setup

    Thank you for the post .. maybe it was an update background process because I tried the setup after my vacation and it was installing updates. After restart and waiting for real idle .. the installation was running perfect.
  3. I tried to install the version in German on an up-to-date Windows 10 Pro with administration proivileges. But the process stops nearly after start. What can be wrong? How can I download the englisch version (maybe the leading version?)

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