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  1. Is it possible to download Russian dictionaries to check spelling and hyphenation?
  2. Lihodesign

    Column layout

    There is a button to create columns from a single frame, but I have not found where the change in the distance between the columns in the frame. And the second I could not find where Story (optical margin alignment)/
  3. Lihodesign

    Column layout

    Is it possible to ignore the column division of a particular text style? Or is it necessary to create a separate frame?
  4. Lihodesign

    Column layout

    I got all the answers to my questions! Now I can make a minimum edition, for which the program design "little" and for layout "a lot."
  5. Lihodesign

    Column layout

    A couple more questions, and the description in the picture. And the main question is how to add Russian dictionaries to work shifts. Your application just captivated me with its performance and convenience of working with tables
  6. Lihodesign

    Column layout

    Maybe I haven't written, I'll try to explain another way, with the picture. Here's the picture indicated the distance which I can't find how to change it?