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  1. *thumbsup* Great tip, thats exactly what I wanted!!
  2. Hi Wosven, thanks for reply. In your answer to the other thread you linked a video saying it is a feature. I do see it a bit different. It sure is a feature (and in my opinion a great feature) if I select "Scale to Maximum Fit" like it is shown in the video that the image resizes automatically. But if I select "None" in the frame properties I would not expect the image to automatically resize.
  3. Hi, not sure if this is a bug, but from my point of view it is a very strange behaviour. This is my setup: 1) Select "Place Image Tool" to place an image on a page. 2) Select "Picture Frame Properties" to "None". 3) Select "Move Tool" to resize/move the picture frame to the desired size/position. 4) Double click the picture frame to select the "background" image in the frame and resize/move the image to see the desired excerpt of the image in the frame. Now if I move the image frame everything is still ok. Actual behaviour (potential bug): If I want to rezise the frame, the image is going to be automatically resized to its original size. Expected Behaviour: If I resize the frame, the image stays positioned like I explicitly done it in step (4) using: (Beta)