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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! it works now and now i can make bad memey emojis for my friends chat groups ;o; thank you so much!!
  2. Hi! I’ve been messing around in affinity designer on the ipad, trying to see how it works and all. I love it so far! I have been having this issue trying to save into the photo library. The app crashes whenever I try to share/save photo the entire document. I’ve attached a screen recording of the event. As you can see it exports fine to files but crashes on save photo. i’m not sure if this is something i am doing wrong, as I have not figured out how to use the export persona to export onto the ipad as you can see. Any help would be super appreciated . p.s please dont mind my dumb drawings. 2314BCDC-DFF1-4D2E-A1B8-4B5EB0E23906.MP4