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  1. I would like to ask, can the brush sets be stored on external memory for use, either wireless hard drive or memory sticks?, I do not have an ipad, but I do have a Windows Lynx tablet. But am worried I will run out of memory! John C
  2. Hi all. Having listened to a lot of users comments, I would like to make my own. Yes I would prefere for AFP to import direct " great " but because of the new codeing it is not going to happen. OK what does that leave us. Re-working all our PP documents, very unproductive. Converting all our PP documents to PDF , very unprodutive, unless we had a bulk convert programe. There is possibly 1 out there at a very bloated price. It would be great if Serif produce their own or at least recommend at a reduced cost. The route I am going to take is, holding onto my PagePlusX9 for as long as the Microsoft OS will accept it, create all new documents in AFP, or untill there is an import for .ppp into AFP. Yes there are some issues with PPx9, but regular users know them. If there is the odd document that I would like in AFP I will convert and import as PDF. At first glance AFP do's a fair job of PDF import.. The point about security is well mentioned and the hope is that AFP is going to be more secure, which in time it will be, but at this point in development we do not know about the security aspect, we don't know about a hell of "excuse me" lot about the final product yet. I like Serif, if you look at Serifs ethos to their customers, who would you rather deal with , Adobe, Microsoft etal, or Serif. The developers still are some way " not too long we hope" from a commercial product. But I do recall, that Serif did say early on in development that to use the new AFP in the way we use PP now, was possibly a couple of years away. For those who have used PP from a young scrap to its wonderous ending, you will know that a new product has lots of teething problems. This is a newly coded product from its boots for the new millennia. I want AFP to be the best the coders can give us, they need suggestions to enhance, we all have fancifull dreams for AFP, but let us try and be realistic for the guys and ladies who are doing the codeing and those that have to make the desicions that, this is the next bit for the update. If updates are rushed they encounter errors at the base code, that gives us a buggy product, not what I want or need. We have all been eagerly waiting for AFP for a while now, we have the Beta, not the end product. I think the biggest grumble I can see is that there is no .PPP import.In the short term there will not be. In the long term it is doutfull. Regards to all who suffered this missive. There is so much comeing off the forum that is negative, what were you expecting, the quality of PagePlusX9 from the start. Please...........
  3. Hi all. I also have used PP since its early days. I understand Serif's difficulty in importing PP into AFP, but I would like to ask, have Serif any plans on a PP bulk Convertor to PDF, this would help with the extensive PP docs we have. Or is there a bulk converter out there that would fit the bill, I would consider this, but would prefere it to come from Serif. Regards

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