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  1. Hi, I'm placing an SVG file in Designer and try to convert to curves, but the menu item is disabled. This works perfectly with the same file in PagePlus X9. what am I doing wrong? Greetings, Sigurd
  2. It's not exactly the same since you're 'leaving' your document. In X9 you could convert to curves and use them around if you wanted to. A simple example is when using svg icons. Sometimes you want to use color gradients from one to the other or mix different parts together to make new icons. I'll try this 'new' way with double clicking and see how it goes (copy / paste). One thing I noticed already is that the scale is 'off': I place an svg file on a document, double click on it, copy a part, paste it back on the main document... size is different compared with original. this shouldn't happen.
  3. Secially since it worked so well in PagePlus. I hope you guys can implement this.