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  1. Thanks walt.farrell for the help and info. I had just started playing with guides and think this is the best way to go, as you say deselecting master page layer could be fraught with problems down the line especially with a large book.
  2. Not sure if my understanding of Master Pages is correct but I assume I could add blank placement frames on the master pages so that when added content to those frames on the actual document pages they will be placed in the correct position. I have added master pages with placement text frames and placement picture frames however when I add text or pictures to those frames in the document pages they also show up on the master pages and populate all document pages that use that master page with the content. I want to put pictures in the same place on each page but each picture will be different and the same with text but all the pages associated with that particular master page get updated with the same content.. The attached pdf is a file I produced using Indesign and printed using Blurb, I am trying to reproduce the same file using Affinity Publisher but as mentioned the master pages do not seem to work as place holders. Maybe I am doing something wrong and if so please let me know otherwise the master pages function seems to have some functionality missing. Tol_Vol_1_Free.pdf