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  1. I have checked this again after the latest Beta and it is working out OK, I also checked with a cut and paste from word and it worked ok. So I think the problem has gone away Thanks for looking
  2. I did not copy it from anywhere I typed it when writing down what I needed
  3. Each time I try to type or copy the word After it presents and prints incorrectly. See attcahed file
  4. If I have printed 50 pages and I start to print the next document, the Number printed remembers the last number printed. Which means I have to stop the printing to bring it back to print one page as a default. Is there a default where I can set printing to one page?
  5. When using more than 1 page the work space is not available to all pages but unique to one page. Makes moving text etc more difficult. Cannot collect individual components into a group by using the mouse. Will there be different page layouts available to choose - like labels, posters, CD labels