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  1. When exporting a PDF file with a table of contents, only the actual numbers in the ToC are hyperlinked (rather than the whole ToC text entry). This is not the expected behaviour - the whole of the text entry in the ToC should be a hyperlink.
  2. @Old Bruce Thanks for that; I had totally missed the fact that the actual numbers were hyperlinked. As you say, a very weird omission. I will submit that as a bug.
  3. @walt.farrell Thanks, yes, I thought it should do it automatically. I am on Windows 10 and, yes, the "Include Hyperlinks" on the PDF export is checked. The hyperlinks that I explicitly make in Publisher are included in the PDF and work correctly. However, the ToC (Generated by Publisher) looks fine but does not include any links. I can add the links manually to the ToC but, if I do this then I have to re-add every time I update the ToC. Sorry, I can't send you the files as they contain confidential content - if I can't solve the problem, I might generate a special file to demonstrate the issue.
  4. I can't seem to get Publisher's Table of Contents to produce hyperlinks in a PDF export. Other manually entered hyperlinks work fine in the same PDF file, just not the ToC. Surely I don't have to manually create all the hyperlinks myself? I am on Windows 10. TIA.
  5. Inserted photo, went to use the rescale slider (pops up below picture frame) and publisher vanished totally from the screen. No error messages, just totally gone. Restarted Publisher and recovered to last autosaved state, so all good and only a little lost work. As a veteran InDesign user, I like what I am seeing with Affinity Publisher. Sure there are a few bells and whistles missing yet, but I like the clean interface and was quickly able to produce a well laid out publication using most of the features I regularly use in InDesign. One thing I would miss at the moment is the ID "book" feature. I hope it is on the list for the future, though I accept that it is an advanced feature that not many would use. Keep up the good work, it's looking really good.