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  1. My main complaint remains that my pp9 files cannot be imported but as an author of nature and scientific publications there some features that affinity needs is the ability to see the full path of images and be able to copy that path. My current publication has some 3000 images and these are selected from about 20000. The only way to make sure all the images are uploaded to the publisher is to be able to make a list of them. In PP9 I simply double click on the image and copy the full path to a Word document, it is then sorted and a list printed in folder order so all the images can be moved to a separate folder to be uploaded to the publisher. Affinity shows the file name only but even that cannot be copied. One problem with PP9 that I have not seen any complaints about is that the spell checker has regular heart attacks and the settings have to be reset. Even this does not always fix the problem and some chapters in my current publication cannot be spell checked. At the moment there does not seem to be any ability in Affinity to use your own dictionaries. Authors in the scientific world would all have their own with thousands of scientific names and it is essential that these can be used in Affinity. Also, no desktop publisher is worth anything if it does not have the ability to write a book as in pp9. You need to be able to create separate files as chapters and have the program combine these in a book, work out the page numbers and then create an index. I hope these features are eventually available in Affinity or I certainly will not be buying it.
  2. The problem with opening a PDF file is that if you have large numbers of images, like I do - thousands of them in a book, they are rubbish and there is no link to them so the publication is useless. I really need to be able to import ppp files as I have exceeded the limits of PP9 with numbers of pages and images, the whole thing stalls and I was hoping the new affinity would solve this problem. There is no way I am going to start over in affinity.
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