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  1. I would like to state, that publisher looks promising, but I was disappointed with the lack of tools. I use Page Plus X9 daily at work and home, and was really hoping publisher, would offer what X9 offered and even more. It is understood that publisher want to stand up to In design, but then export formats like e-pubs, and mobi will have to be added, and alot more. The Feature for QR Code generation was also not found to be included, unless overlooked and it is somewhere hidden. It's noted that publisher focuses a lot on graphic and text design, but not so much from the looks of it, on proper online publishing as the formats are supported. I do hope Publisher will eventually have the flexibility that X9 has, and the ease of creating content, as it appears to be abit complex and hidden away. Like X9 you can put a shape on a page, and right click on it, and have several options to use for. In Publisher you must somehow select the options from the tabs and menus and is in my view abit annoying and difficult for people that is not familiar with the program. Well Happy Publisher is here, but sorry, can't give a thumbs up. Don't know why it is call publisher if all the proper tools needed for publishing especially online are not available to use. Will stick to X9 until Publisher one day maybe catch up.

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