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    Text Flow?

    I have gone through a set up for a newsletter with two master pages. The first is the front page with a top title etc and about 2/3 to 3/4 of the page as two column text. The pages have a rectangular background so they can be coloured. I can insert text into the two columns on the front page and it over flows. I try to paste the over-flow into a two column text frame on the second page using the little triangle but it always pastes into the backgound coloured rectangle and will not let me select an existing empty text frame. It does the same regardless of one or two column text frame. Dave Wilcox
  2. Dave Wilcox

    Text Flow?

    Okay that appears to work okay in a document created with the new version but not when importing an old format document. Good job all problem seems solved.
  3. Dave Wilcox

    Text Flow?

    Just downloaded version (beta) the text flow does now work in the frames as you would expect. However there is still a slight problem. When I click on the overflow to take the frame to the next page, it will not create the frame if the pointer is over the page, it still highlights the backgound colour box. If I put the pointer off the page it will allow me to create the required text frame which can then be moved into position on the page. This is with the same pages I uploaded above. I still need to check if it does the same with a new document created by the latest version and will update when I have done so.
  4. Thats the answer. Doh! never saw that sitting there, obvious now :-) Many thanks.
  5. Anyone else come across this? I have scanned the forum but not seen it mentioned. Loading a .png picture with a transparent backgound into a holding frame and the backgound is showing as a grey not as transparent. Dave
  6. Dave Wilcox

    Text Flow?

    This any good? I used the work around of removing background and doing text flow which worked okay and then pasted the background back. Hopefully if you try to extend the text you will see the problem. It appears that the text gets pasted to the master page as well for some reason. NMFCNewsletterTest.afpub
  7. Dave Wilcox

    Text Flow?

    Update: If I remove the background colour rectangle from the master page and leave it blank then when I click the text flow and go to page two it will let me draw a two column text frame and fill it with text as well. It would appear to be interpreting the colour filled box as a text frame I think. Hope this helps. Dave Wilcox
  8. Dave Wilcox

    Text Flow?

    Hi Chris_K I have set up two master pages one a frontpage and one for every other page of a newsletter. I have not put any frames on the master pages other than background on both and items specific to the frontpage. I go to the normal pages and all appears well and they show as per the masters. I insert a text frame onto the frontpage and set it to two columns, insert holding text, all seems fine. I select the text flow arrow head as you have shown, and go to the second page. On opening the page the backgound frame is selected and the text will only flow into there, it will not let me draw a text frame. I am wondering if this is something I am doing from PPX which behaves differently in AffinityPub. Don't know if the pictures help as they don't really show a lot. Dave Wilcox

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