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  1. Very first thing I wanted to try was a no go - clicked on View Samples in opening splash screen, see a nice Affinity Brochure with a little cloud download symbol, but no matter what I do, I can't get that document to open up - at best, I get sent to the Affinity web site home page... Is this just broken? I always like to start by looking at the samples. Thanks, Michael
  2. I would add my vote to a proper import of .ppp files in the new Publisher product. As you can see, many many loyal customers would love to have this and move their investments to the new platform. Please consider this is a priority, and a fantastic selling opportunity to your existing customer base. Next up would be import of .indd files! Michael
  3. Michael Smith

    Samples in Opening Screen

    Wow. I see it now... a very faint ring progresses around the image. and the cloud symbol gets a tiny red X in it. This is quite minor in grand scheme of a beta, but as the "front door" to your product, might want to update this to be a bit more "in your face" clear that a download is in progress, and an affirmation that the download is complete. Thanks for setting me straight! Michael