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    beegeeblueboy got a reaction from J Scarlett in Open PagePlus (*.ppp) files   
    It was clear to me from the initial announcement of the Affinity range legacy Windows customers are of far less concern than Mac users. It’s all about the Apple customer base. 
    They'll tell you the codebase is so different that backwards compatibility is not possible. True but the real answer is “ it would cost us too much time and money to build a file converter utility”
    It looks like you just continue to use X9 for those documents and decide if you want to buy AD for new ones  
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    beegeeblueboy reacted to bbroth in Open PagePlus (*.ppp) files   
    Like many others on this forum I also have many files created in PPX9. After playing with Affinity Pub for while I came to the conclusion outlined by Patrick i.e. use PPX9 for my legacy files and create new work with Affinity. However, on further thought I wasn't sure what benefits Affinity actually offered as PPX9 still works, does all that I need it to do and there is no learning curve.
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