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  1. Go to windows settings, in search window type - View your update history, a list of installed updates will appear, click on - Uninstall updates, now you will see all updates that can be removed. Even a fresh windows version will come with several smaller update packages, try remove latest of them and check if it fixes the problem.
  2. This issue was caused by one of the following windows 10 updates: KB434909 KB4338819 KB4284835 These are the steps which helped to fix it, in case if someone experiencing this issue: Uninstall AD, then restart PC Uninstall the most recent update. Go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > View installed update history > Uninstall updates. Click the most recent update that caused the issued then click Uninstall. Restart your computer. Install AD.
  3. I have tried: 1) Uninstalling both drivers and installing latest - Does not work 2) Disabling one driver at a time and launching AD - Does not work 3) Uninstalling both drivers and leaving just microsoft basic graphic drivers, partially works, some ui labels disappear on hover and some still missing. Ok, thanks, will try find the solution on microsoft forums
  4. Hi, I am experiencing quite annoying problem with Affinity Designer (AD) which prevents me from using it. So the problem is as follows, when I start the AD loading screen appears with logo and etc, just before AD launch screen flashes and AD starts, after that all Windows 10 and other software labels disappear as it can be seen on attached screenshot. The only way to fix missed labels is by restarting the system (windows explorer restarting was unable to fix this problem). So far I have tried reinstalling windows 10, reinstalling AD, installing several versions of graphic drivers, rolling back windows updates, nothing seems to help, looks like I cant find the solution for this issue by myself. Your help will be greatly appreciated! :) My system info: Windows 10 OS version 10.0.17134 N/A Build 17134 System Model: Alienware 17 System Type: x64-based PC Graphics: AMD Radeon HD8970 Driver version: 24.20.13001.1010 Intel HD4600 Driver version: AD version
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