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  1. Like many others, the current version (1.6.5) of Photo and Designer were refusing to install for me, as well as the Publisher Beta, due to the font problem where the installer log shows: The type initializer for 'System.Windows.Media.FontFamily' threw an exception. Having over 2000 fonts installed has made this nearly impossible to readily narrow down, but I've even tried temporarily uninstalling all non-standard Windows fonts to no avail. I finally found a solution that actually works in one of the other threads: command line install and append " /extract" in place of the " /log" command used for logging. This has finally allowed me to upgrade Photo and Designer, but the MSI extractor asks for an email and product key for the Beta, which I, of course, don't have since it's a beta of a product not yet for sale. Is there any fix/workaround/ or answer for this so I can try the new beta? TIA

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