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  1. Thank you @h_d ! -- perhaps I should have included my actual affinity source. Not sure if that's generally the way people do things on the forum - I'm new here. It's not just the fill of the sunbeams I had wanted to alter, rather to be able to alter the nodes which make up one particular sunbeam and have a single change to a node sync across the entire radius of 12. However, this morning I realised one way to achieve a workflow that seems ok for this --- I'd copy to a second sun via cmd drag on the whole thing, then just detach the symbols on *the original*. That means I can edit the new one without also changing the old. It does mean I can no longer go back and change the old, but that's not so terrible, as the image is there and it wouldn't be too hard to make a copy and recreate one that looked like the original, now un-symboled, should I want to do that in future. Thank you very much for your input here! I have now exported it to svg and converted it into a vuejs component, animated with gsap !
  2. I've drawn a sun icon and have copied the whole thing to make a variation of it while keeping the original. I've used symbols in the original image, two symbols, each of which is used 12 times. The copied image, of course, has additional instances of *the same* symbols, so the document still contains only 2 symbols, but now 24 instances of each, 12 in each sun. As expected, (but not what I want in this case), if I alter a symbol in the second copy of the sun, the first is also affected. What I really want though is to make variations so I'd really like it if the second sun can have a new symbols underlying it's own 12 uses of each of the 2 symbols in the original image. That is, I want to detach a group of symbols into a new symbol. I wondered about creating a new document would solve this, but that doesn't give the duplicate to make variations workflow which would be ideal. It's fabulous power here, I'm enjoying it a lot, ... it feels almost ungrateful to ask, as what we have already is so amazing, but is there a suggested solution to this scenario? Thanks muchly. What a wonderful and enjoyable tool designer is! I'm just starting to get to grips with it.