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  1. Oh and must not forget to thank @Leigh for making an easy to follow post on how to get logs for the installer.
  2. @- S - Worked like a charm!!! 1.6.4 came up and installed just fine. I then went and tried and it worked as an update. I'm up a running with the latest version now. Thank you all for your fast response and help. I really do appreciate it. Time to get to work now! Thanks again! Thanks @carl123 @walt.farrell @DWright
  3. @DWright I have tried right clicking and running as administrator and the same thing happens. Trying 1.6.4 now @- S -
  4. Can someone help take a look at my log files. I'm trying to install for the first time Designer and when I click it nothing happens. No install wizard or anything asking for permission to install it. Just nothing. I was able to gSetupUI.loget some logs following another post on here but I have no idea what to make of them. Setup.log
  5. From SetupUI log Opening registry key: SOFTWARE\Serif\Affinity\Designer\1 Failed Install path not found, using default: C:\Program Files\Affinity\Designer These are the two errors that stand out to me but not 100% on if they are the actual issues or could be.
  6. @walt.farrell thank you! I will try this after work today. I will update later. Thank you both for your time and replies.
  7. Hi @carl123 Thank you for your reply. I should mention this is my first time ever trying to install this program. I'm not updating and I don't have a 2nd screen. I bought this software last night and after downloading it the exe file just doesn't work. Nothing shows up in task manager.
  8. Hi I just purchased Affinity Designer and downloaded the installer file for 1.6.5. However whenI click to save it to downloads it's name automatically "affinity-designer-" not sure if any of that matters for my issue. Now my issue is that once the file is downloaded I can't get it to open to install. I double click and nothing happeneds. No windows pop up asking if I want to let this program make changes. I tired right clicking it and selecting run as administrator and a Windows notification pops up asking if I want to allow this program to make changes and I select yes and then nothing happens. I able to get other installers to open from other applications and this is the first I've had this issue. I've tired reconfiguring paths to no avail. Thank you for your time, - Ian Bray
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