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  1. I have the same issue CR3 Support ist important because because actually my work flow on my Windows10 PC is pretty messed up ... With the IPad version CR3 files are supported and it works fine as far as I can see at the momement. So why no support on Windows/MAC ?
  2. Tegi

    Cannot EXIT Affinity Photo

    I found the solution on my system, thanks to a good tipp in an affinity FB group. Try to delete the corrupt temp files in the folder "%appdata%\Affinity\Photo\1.0\temp" while Affinity Photo is not running: After that it should work properly and you can also install the NIK collection
  3. Tegi

    Cannot EXIT Affinity Photo

    I have the exact same behaviour .. I have the issue that I cannot exit affinity because "at least one file is being opened" for some time now. Today I also tried to install the NIK collection which didn't work. After that I installed the update, which worked but the error is still there. Actual version from affinity photo on my Windows PC is

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