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  1. hi Sean, Yes, the brush that I'm using on the video has Stroke pressure / Size variance on its settings. basically, I would like to draw using the Stroke presets settled using the tablet same way as the Mouse does. Asking this because while using the tablet, the nodes generated on the stroke panel doesn't create a consistent appearance. using Vector Brush and Pencil Tool. As the image attached shown. 90% of the time the Pressure automatically created ends with multiple nodes at the pressure, and on the curve nodes as you can notice on the screenshot 1, you will notice that the the 2nd stroke below seems much more clean, it was done with the mouse and the stroke preset. this is what I'm expecting. we have these current options on the Controller: Brush Default Automatic Pressure Velocity None I truly believe that it makes sense that (Brush Defaults) even while using the pen (that has the input pressure) could use the Stroke pressure settled on, let's say, if I want to generate the nodes by pressure, I could choose the (Pressure). but that case I like the way that mouse use the Stroke presets with Brush Defaults, or at least an option called, Stroke Preset. To report my problem, on the screenshot 2, 3, As you can see, the pressure doesn't seems to be usable. during my projects, I'm always forced to change to the stroke preset that has clean pressure nodes. Please, note that the nodes generated, ended up with many nodes, making the brush stroke fuzzy at the end. I consider this as a bug (on ipad it does the same dither effect) Anyway I hope this makes sense ๐Ÿ˜€
  2. Vector Brush - on the Controller, the option (Brush Defaults) while using the (stylus pen) is not applying the Brush Default at the same way that mouse does. video example attached: Pink color is when Mouse is used Yellow color is when the tablet pencil is used I believe the brush Default should follows the Pressure Presets on the Stroke studio even if using the Tablet, as the Pressure option is not enabled 2021-03-01_15-13-29.mp4
  3. Hi there I found 3 bugs related to the Preferences settings - Shortcuts 1. Smudge tool is missing on the Pixel (very important to my workflow with painting) 2. The Pixel settings / Tools is displaying the Vector tools. 3. it's not saving the preference when re-opening the app, I've removed the Pixel Brush from my shortcuts -> (B) and it's backing when I open the app again (Screenshots attached) but the most important for now is the Smudge and the Save shortcuts regards Jhon
  4. hey guys! let me share my design done for a tutorial made specially using affinity designer on ipad โœ… Link available here Click to watch full video I hope you guys enjoy! and learn the power of Vector! subscribe on there to get more free tutorials, cheers! Jhon @jhonatan.ssilva
  5. Hey people, two days ago I did a FULL Tutorial (Live streaming) and Review about the new features on Complete review on Affinity Designer 1.9 Desktop and iPadand I share my thoughts and best practices!is this is a good update? check it out here below!There is a timestamp with the topics where you can skip direct to the point! enjoy!
  6. Many Thanks @MattP I'll be testing right away ๐Ÿ˜Š
  7. I understand what you mean, I have been using Affinity Designer 4 years, full time, I also do tutorials to teach people how to use, I agree that the pencil tool really, really needs to have a better performance and stabilization over the nodes generated... Right now I'm building many backgrounds, which needs organic shapes and forms. I kind have frustration always when I see incorrect nodes to fix manually one by one, t cost me a lot of time, and it interrupts my flow of free drawing, even with the stabilizer turned on. image preview attached showing the nodes generated
  8. Hi folks! I've been working with multiple monitor to build my design pieces for interfaces I was trying to detach a project window when I use: New View to use 2 tabs of the same project to work in both monitors since the Separated mode basically hides the toolbar and all the interface becomes very difficult to work with. Is it possible in the next upcoming updates to be able to Drag a project tab and detach to use as external window like we do here on browsers? without applying the separated mode of course. Regards
  9. I really like your suggestion about sync some external folder or dropbox to read these assets as I'm game artist, I always work with thousand of layers/items/ui but wondering in which kind of format it would read. examples, like png, afdesign file / assets file (since it's a set of objects).
  10. hi guys I'm trying to create new raster brushes, but I'm having a Big trouble here with the setups of raster brushes. I'd like to get rid of the toggle Brush icon (which changes to Paint Brush automatically when I select the Brush) as I usually paint and erase with the same brush, I can't find a way to get rid of this icon toggle from my brush package.. In this video when I change the Flow of the brush, it's creates the paint brush toggle upon my Brush that I'm customizing ๐Ÿ˜•. I guess this should be a bug and that's why I'm reporting here also I have others brush that have this same issue, and I can't post these Brushes to my buyers since it gets always to the paint brush somehow. 2021-01-07_10-59-09.mp4
  11. Hello Sean, I've tested on the Beta 1.9, and the issue is still happening when I resize the Tool and suddenly the cursor disappear. this seems to happen only on the Designer Persona, the Raster persona is working nice though. I hope this helps cheers
  12. Thanks for all the great work @MattP! as you asked in this post, I will be totally in love if we add the option to access the custom tools in shortcut, one year ago I did a post explaining about the benefits about this ux feature, and how this can helps to reach menu / tools quicker by a simple radial menu around the finger, well I hope that this helps to understand. Even on desktop I guess would be a game changing like 3d apps does. cheers!
  13. indeed would be very helpful to have access the preference tools direct to the dialog options
  14. Hey there! To make this design I used geometric shapes and also Pencil tool to model the tree! then I've applied some basic textures with Vector Brushes, the free ones, and I used my Custom Package of Christmas to add some extra elements! You can join to watch my lessons and tutorials, upcoming and last challenge Click here below to know more! challenge.jhonsilva.com
  15. Hello community, a simple tutorial with meaningful techniques! you can do this as well! if you do, tag me on my insta: @jhonatan.ssilva so I can share your design too! New upcoming 4 days learning Affinity Designer, challenge link below! https://challenge.jhonsilva.com Enjoy!
  16. new video showing my process using affinity designer on ipad. Very simple steps! brushes used are from my Master Vector brushes available on my gumroad
  17. hey there ๐Ÿคฃ let me show you guys what we've done so far to help the creative affinity users community to create vectors from drawings in case you are interested about to see my real time process the link is available here below enjoy! https://youtu.be/ojrX5wsXmH0
  18. Hey people ๐Ÿคฉ, here is a design done during my live streamingโœ’๏ธ, I show how you can vector a design done on paper in case you guys are curious to see my process, give it a check on my yt channel here is the link, enjoy! https://youtu.be/-IlzGoTKmGA ๐Ÿค—
  19. Hi Sean P, I'm having the same issue at the Designer on IPad, where I want to keep the Fill Mode -> Winding as my default option: when I insert new curves that intersects it always get with the Alternate mode automatically. In this case, should I report at the Ipad Bug Section? or this issue will be to solved to all platforms? thanks! see you
  20. lol thanks Patrick, yess I've shared on the social medias. thanks to all the efforts that Serif does to make the affinity apps great. cheers
  21. Vector based, from the #QueensGambit Character, my stylization Using #AffinityDesigner on iPad more of my work on insta: @jhonatan.ssilva www.youtube.com/jhonatanssilva brushes used MVB package: gumroad.com/jhonatanssilva
  22. Sunglasses illustration #vectober2020 made on affinity designer on desktop Brushes used: MVB Package Download below https://gum.co/MVBpack Tutorial available on my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/jhonatanssilva youtube.com/jhonatanssilva insta: @jhonatan.ssilva
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