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  1. Very helpful. Even answers a couple of questions I hadn't asked. Thanks again Gabriel. John
  2. Hi Gabe, Thanks for the quick, informative reply (and a nice looking grade). Just one more question: Can I assume that as long as I'm using adjustment layers I can develop my LUT in the LAB color format? John
  3. I understand how to use Affinity Photo to create 3D LUTs for use in my video editing software Premiere Pro CC 2018. But sInce I'm shooting video on a Panasonic GH5 in VLOG-L I should be creating the LUT adjustments in a LOG color space, at least that's what my research found. That option doesn't appear in Affinity Photo's "Color Format" drop-down menu. Is the LAB option an equivalent? Hoping you can help. Thanks, John.