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  1. I use a Ipad pro with affinity designer I saw that the vertical lines of triangular grid don’t rotate with the canvas. When I rotate the canvas, only 2/3 of the lines follow the canvas and the drawing. The vertical lines stand and don’t rotate. I think it applies too to some others grids. It’s a bit weird !
  2. this is a clear answer, thanks. What would be the most acurate ( or less disturbing) resampling method when I don’t change the pixel size of the document ?
  3. You are right, i use Photo. Do you mean that despict that the export process in TIFF ask me to choose a resampling process, it doesn’t apply if I dont’t modify the pizel size of my document ?
  4. I have to manage scientific pictures in TIFF format. I can merge two pictures as panorama or side to side, but when I want to save or export the result in ont larger TIFF, I don't want to resample, I want to keep the exact high quality if the initial pictures. How to do this ? Thanks
  5. I tried to edit this large picture with affinityy photo and affinity designer and both crashed. I use an Ipad pro 12.9, 128 G first generation, and plenty of space yet available. I closed others app before trying affinity and it crashes at the opening of the picture. I can edit this picture with pixelmator, but I would rather prefer to use affinity designer to add vector drawing on it. Thanks for your answer. Louis. test5marsmicro005.tif
  6. Just want to share this bug: Using ipad 12.9 first version, appel pencil and affinitybdesigner. I hve a drawing with a first sketch pixelized and a second one, vectorized. using the vector pencil for inking, with stabilizer on and pression sensitive its freeze frecuently. Please fix this bug. By the way, this app is awesome !!! Louis Schtroumpf.afdesign
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