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  1. @Chris B HAHA thanks for the US tip Yes, I noticed that the Window is slower. I guess I'll need to find more accurate tutorials on those 2 to understand the subtlety and in which case to use each, because to my eye, there's close to no difference aside from speed at high numbers like you gave me. I could reproduce smooth and angled paths with both. It's like it's the same tool with just an option to check (i.e { } Smooh path) and you decided to separate it in 2 different tools. For the bug of the Length, it stayed like that until I decided to reinstall the app because it wasn't changing even after selecting other tools. I didn't see it since then. Thanks for your answers.
  2. As @ktbundy In the last hour I had 3 freezes and app crashes when using the move tool on a simple curve, it was a file in which there was only like 15 curves, nothing fancy. Selected a curve, duplicated it, mirrored it, move it, iPad (2018) became very slow, switch to pen, tracing = very laggy, like lacking memory --> crash, nothing saved, 3 times in a row on the same sequence.
  3. Hi all, I encountered many bugs of Designer on my iPad 2018 + Apple Pencil. This post is about the vector brush tool that is shaking, tools parameters were basic ones as the app was newly installed. I reinstalled the app many times after that behavior but it keeps appearing from time to time. Thanks AD_jitters.MOV
  4. Hi all, I encountered many bugs of Designer on my iPad 2018 + Apple Pencil. This post is about the Stabiliser option. When I first installed Designer a week ago, both options seemed to be working as intended, like in this video (54s) : https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/designer/ipad/#/video/272749894 An hour ago I wanted to use those options but the fact is there were no difference between the two as I was seeing the "rope" preceding the curves no matter what I chose, plus the effect is the same. I also saw something strange. In the frame concerning the Window stabiliser options I saw that : <Window stabiliser> 15px Stabiliser Length What's strange is that LENGTH 15px is an attribute of the rope, not the window. I reinstalled the app, didn't change any option, the attributes bug disappeared but the behavior remained, is it intended? Did I miss something? (in English shouldn't it be stabilizer and not stabiliser? (Sorry, I'm not English native )) Thanks for your answers.
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