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  1. Has there been any movement on this. I still seem to be suffering this bug. Doesn't matter how close I get the points, zoom all the way down, I still have two distinct points. Also is it possible to snap to anchor points. I feel this might be a good solution to this annoying bug?
  2. When creating stuff, I really like how curves act like clipping masks. But I've notice that sometimes the colour from curve that is a acting as a cliping mask or shapes that are the exact same shape, the colour comes through from underneath. This appears in the final image and don't just appear in Affinity Designer. "Scree Shot" shows in Affinty "Signiture" shows the exported result. You can see a discolouring at the tip of the tail like in "Screen Shot".
  3. I use the divide tool on paths, so I assumded the nodes were already overlapping. I have uploaded a video example that shows what I'm doing. I draw 3 shapes that intersect. Select them all and then apply the divide tool. I remove a few shapes. I then begin joining the three seperate curves by a compination of breaking, joining and closing the curves. The join curves has no problem reducing, what appears to be overlapping nodes, to one node. Applying the closed curve and I have two seperate nodes not one. On my second attempt before closing the curve, I turn on snapping to make sure the nodes are indeed overlapping. The close curve then works and reduces down to one node. Closing Curves.mov
  4. I create two paths that overlap each other, apply "Divide", remove all internal nodes until I have two curves that have overlapping nodes. You use the join curves and two nodes become one. However, if you close the curve for two overlapping nodes they do not become one node. They also aproximate their curve which results in a loop. Is there a way to close the curve by combining the two overlapping nodes?
  5. I was trying to join two curves by selecting the two end nodes I wanted to join but A.D. had other ideas. I expect when joining the curves and I've seleted two nodes, that would be the connection would happen. Joining Curves.mov
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