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  1. Interactive is what I have been waiting on the release of Publisher for! Please add this feature, rollover images, links, forms, etc.
  2. Unfortunately, the file, although my own and done off my own back to aid me and my colleagues, is sensitive to the company I work for and I cannot freely link it to you. But rest assured the file is on my Dropbox account and when I export from my desktop version it comes out at 820kb and when I export from my iPad version it comes out at 7.4mb. I am using the default and unchanged ‘PDF (for Print)’ setting as is. Actually, just thinking about it, to get the fonts I needed onto my iPad I had to convert them to .ttf, the desktop is still using the original fonts. I’m thinking surely not, but could that have anything to do with? If so, how do I get around that as the iPad needs TrueType fonts of some kind (.ttf, .otf)?! Thanks for your reply.
  3. Having an issue with PDF export in Designer for iPad. I have imported a file created in my desktop version on my MacBook Air to my new iPad version of Designer. When I export the file to a PDF on my MacBook it comes out at 820kb, but when I export the same file with the same PDF export settings on my iPad it comes out at 7.4mb!? Any thoughts?