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  1. the brightness of my monitor was too high therefore the boxes weren't visible. Thanks for the help
  2. Windows 10 Affinity Photo
  3. When Clicking file -> new and clicking on transparent background it appears as a full white background. Is there a way i can make it look like this
  4. thewhitewolfyt

    Affinity photo adds tint when photos are opened

    Thanks Jim, This seemed to do the trick, it turned out my other had an LCD profile instead of sRGB
  5. thewhitewolfyt

    Affinity photo adds tint when photos are opened

    When i create a blank document it also has a yellowish tint. The tint goes away when i export the file as if the tint was never there which is strange. I never noticed it in the past so im not too sure if it was always there.
  6. When i open an image on Affinity Photo a tint is added as you can see in the image. Both images are on the same monitor. When the image is exported the tint disappears as if it was never there.
  7. Hi I recently purchased affinity and I would like to know where the PNGs for the icons are located in the AppData. I am using elgato streamdeck and would like to include images with the hotkeys that i have created . The icons I am looking for are these down here: