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  1. Im struggling managing photos on my Mac and, before I purchase a third party manager, wonder if AP will be releasing anything to help better manage photos?
  2. So I guess we can agree that stuff like this just sometimes randomly happens? But yes, I exported it as a JPEG and the natural compression brought it down that much. But I imported it at a 24/25MB NEF and just that layer editing alone brought it up to a 142MB? Your computer exported that one in 10-15 minutes but mine just started getting loud and hot (I have a new Macbook Pro, 8gig, dual core, 256ssd running High Sierra). Do you think Im underpowered?
  3. That worked wonderfully, thank you! Let me ask you then, nesting one layer inside another layer is NOT something that should be done, correct? Disabling those two nested layers reduced the file size from 142MB to like 7MB.
  4. Both will get the job done just fine. I wish you didn't live across the pond because I am selling my gaming laptop with slightly better specs for a lot less.
  5. Here it is. Thank you for the help. Beyond taking a look at the file, do you feel I should upgrade my system? I feel I may be underpowered. :( PCM_0203.afphoto
  6. Hello, I was working on a roughly 20MB RAW image and went to export it after about 8 or 9 adjustment layers. It was unable to "calculate" the file size for any format and would not export. I dropped down the quality to as low as possible and it still would not work. So I saved the file to try another day and it was 142MB?!?! Is that why it wouldn't calculate and export? Did it increase to the because of all the editing because I did not change any ppi settings (at least I dont think I did). I have a new Macbook Pro, 8gig, dual core, 256ssd running High Sierra. Is the issue my computer not being robust enough to handle this?
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