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  1. Hey, Thanks guys I appreciate your input.. What I did was resize the artboard to a much smaller size and pasted my work on it.. Do you guys know if Affinity will come out with a video editor, Something compatible to Lightroom and After Effects? tx
  2. Hey guys I'm having a hard time uploading my projects to adobe stock.. It tells me that I need to size it between 15 mp and 68 mp.. I have no Idea what MP stands for.. Anyhow , how can I do this. Any help would be great.. Im exporting in EPS.. tx
  3. What exactly is the purpose of this process when you first dl the app tx
  4. Sorry for the Newbie questions, I just dl Designer and im importing all the xtra assets that come with the software. How do I install step one UI Sheets UI Sheets are packed with pre-built page content made up of multiple elements. Page content is stored in separate Designer files according to page content type (e.g., blogs, dashboards, ecommerce, headers/footers, social and more). How to use 1. Open the .afdesign file for the page content type you want. 2. Select, then copy and paste content to your design file. and the step 2 Choosing light or dark versions On many of the UI sheets, you’ll have the choice of light or dark versions of each page content. These versions are stored on separate layers. From the Layers panel, hide the Light Version layer to work with the Dark Version layer (or vice versa). I'm using Windows.. tx folks
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