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  1. I posted a reply to my original post. I figured it out. Turned off lens correction in manager!
  2. When I load a .rar file, Affinity is cropping ever so slightly as soon as the pic loads. There is a line in the pic details top left that says "{modified} (20.3%)." When I load the same image with MS Photo, no cropping occurs. I have checked everything I know, and I can't find how to fix this. Repeatable in all my rar files. I get the "{modified} (20.3%) every time.
  3. Ver Windows 10. On any pic, jpg or .nef, Photo persona. Background layer selected. When I want to blur the background, after painting the foreground, then cntrl I, ( or not), selecting blur, blurs all of the image. Ive followed the tutorials on Youtube to the letter, and it will not work. Always blurs the entire image. Nothing I do changes the effect. Thanks for any help.
  4. New user, so sorry for the stupid brain of mine. Edited my .NEF pic in Affinity. Saved as as few options, none of which I can open in any app but Affinity. I tried .jpg, .tif, .TIFF, .NEF. I have windows 10 Photo viewer and media player (which can open a .NEF). I would like to save as .NEF, or .TIF, or even .jpg so I can share. SORRY again... I figured it out. Basically, I end up with the original image .NEF, a second affinity processed shot, and export as needed. Sound about right?
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