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  1. nalayak

    Affinity designer unable to draw smooth lines

    I am also facing the Same/Similar Issue i Tried to draw something using Brushes in Affinity Designer. so first i used Brush Tool in Draw Persona. and the Brush STroke was Smooth. then i drew something in pixel persona using brush tool. but this time the stroke was not smooth. Why? am i doing anything wrong or there is problem with affinity designer. @Chris B @SrPx
  2. @Medical Officer Bones @MEB Can you Please tell me why is this Happening ? what am i Doing wrong.
  3. @Dave Quail Thanks for Replying, This time i Tried using Stablizer. but as you see i exported the Image from Affinity Designer. but still the Brush Stroke is not Smooth If i use Brush in Draw Persona, The Stroke is Smooth But when i use Brush in Pixel Persona. there comes this Problem. Why is this Happening ?
  4. Hello Everyone, i am using Affinity Designer version 1.6.4 on windows today i made something in affinity designer. and then exported it i was using gradient but in the exported PNG file. the Gradient is not Smooth. in affinity designer preferences Dither Gradients is Checked see the image https://imgur.com/h8ic2rh
  5. Hello Everyone, I am new to Affinity Designer, i can say that Affinity Designer is a Very good Software so i was working on brush today and i found something un-usual In Pixel Persona the Brushes is not smooth when i draw anything. but in Draw Persona there isn't any problem like this. see the Image, the Brush i used on the Left is from Draw Persona & the Brush i Used to the Right is from Pixel Persona. can anyone tell me why is this happening. am i doing anything anything wrong or missing anything i am using affinity designer version 1.6.4 on Windows 10

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