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  1. ... oh I forgot: when I clicked the area where the keyboard should be it typed letters in the rename box as if the keyboard were there. I did to end up going back to the document - after a minute of trying to get the keyboard there the app crashed.
  2. No, no keyboard no matter where I clicked.. My ipad is the 12.9" size and I am using the landscape orientation.
  3. Hi Chris, a bit of updating on the crashing: The app was crashing when I was trying to save a copy of the file (to make sure it would not be lost). I wanted to change the name of the file in the save copy menu, but I could not see the keyboard. When I tapped where the keyboard was supposed to be I could write, but could not press the save or cancel buttons which were the only buttons visible, since I kept tapping the invisible keyboard. I wanted to film it, but the program crashed and Ipad went to sleep and I had to type in my ipad password to get into it again. Luckily my document was saved at its last stage, so no work lost this time. just before I went to save copy I noticed some weird lagging in the pencil tool. It was like it only stated to notice my drawing a few seconds after I began drawing and thereby not getting the beginning of my stroke on the canvas. hope it helps!
  4. thanks for the fast reply! I did not notice if I did anything special, but I will work on the file again now and let try to be aware which tools or actions I am using. I will try to save manually regularly to make sure to keep the data if it crashes again.
  5. Hi Chris,thanks so much for your answer! The file is attached as PDF - did not know what format is better for you. Let me know if you want me to export in some other way! Is there anything I can do to try to fix it in the meantime? Un-install and re-install or something? Thanks a lot - hope it can be solved. crashing file.pdf
  6. I have used the app for about 5 hours in total and it has crashed and just shot down more than 5 times. Each time the app failed to autosave my most current changes. Last time I lost 1 hour of work! This is so frustrating. I have been dreaming of getting familiar with the app for all of my vacation only return to work to discover that it crashes on me all the time. Also I am experiencing a lot of lagging, even when not working with that many layers. The lagging is when I use the move tool and the pixel brush in particular. Is there anything I can do myself? Hope it will be fixed because this app has the potential to make my workflow so much better and faster with all the tools I need in one single place. I really had high expectations seeing all your teasers and the amazing designers (very complicated) works that they seem to have made without any problems? Thanks for your answer in advance! Kind regards Michelle Carlslund www.michellecarlslund.com
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