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    Command W

    Affinity Publisher Tutorial on text wrapping suggests command W to hide grid lines. Command W just closes the file. Love the tutorials. They give just enough information at a time so I can go through one lesson at a time, then back up and easily find exactly what I need to review. Affinity.rtf
  2. I have worked with Lightroom 5 for years and love it. However, I am more and more resentful that Adobe does not allow me to make my own decision about whether to use a stand-alone program or pay a monthly fee for a program which is supported and updated regularly. I prefer stand alone as I am often off line for months at a time. Why pay for something I can't use? Also don't want my stuff in the Cloud, especially when I can't access it. I love Affinity Photo and hope and pray that Affinity will be able to provide a program or upgrade that will be able to import my 15,000 photos from Lightroom with keywords intact. Although I enjoy Lightroom's develop features, I can do without as Affinity does pretty much the same work and sometimes better.