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  1. Thank YOU! Found it at the bottom. Didn't scroll enough. Rookie mistake
  2. Hanging Punctuation. I have downloaded the free trial for Publisher on my mac laptop. I can not find Optical Alignment anywhere. Seasoned pro from quark to indesign and beyond hopefully. But stuck here. It's not in the under Character panel: Show Typography: Litigures, Alternates, Ornaments. Figure style, width, position. Capitals. its not in the Paragraph pane: No Style and New Style. Nothing to edit. Not under text styles: all I get when I control click is: Remove Styles from Paragraph None of the instructions I've found make any sense. The videos show clicks I can't find. Help?
  3. Thank you. But I do need to know before exporting. Wow. In Photoshop when resizing it show current MB size and changed MB size while resizing. I have to size photos but need to keep MB the same size while sizing. I know they change when exporting. But I feel like I am blind resizing in this program.
  4. When resizing a photo in Affinity Photo it does not show the current MB size of the photo I am working on. It does not show the changed MB size of the photo. I have a MB requirement to meet when sizing photos and I do not want to have to close out and find the size of the photo in the directory. Where is the MB size of the photo while working in Photo? In Photoshop it shows in the resize dialog bow while performing the sizing function. I have searched to no avail. Thanks!
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