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  1. Hi, Congratulation for the new publisher application. While testing creating a basic document, performing a saving of my document, I encounter the following issue. I wanted to save the document on de default iCloud drive directory and got the following proposal (see attached image). Do I need to performs somme cleanup after erasing the beta version ? Selecting the "Affinity Publisher Beta" folder, the file was saved on the iCloud Drive root folder. Did I miss something? Thank you
  2. Oh man! that exactly what I'm looking for. That completely do the job, many thanks!
  3. I've found a very strange and annoying behavior with inner shadow effect with transparent background. Here is a simple testcase: Create a rectangle with plain white background color and no border Add the inner shadow effect (see Capture1.png) Change the background color opacity to 80% If I set the opacity of the background color the inner shadow is no longer visible... I found this illogical and defeating the purpose of layer effect. Thus am I missing something (an hidden option)? I also including the testcase file. Transparent_background.afdesign
  4. Hi, I encounter a serious and blocking issue while trying to group 2 layers: the resulting groups bounding box is set to a random location... I've attached a sample file to illustrate the issue: if you try to groupe layers G1 and G2 you'll see that the result is not what you expect... I hope this can be fixed soon... NB: This post seems to be a similar issue: http://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/30605-ad-154-constraint-bug/?hl=group Grouping issue.afdesign
  5. Hi, I encounter a systematic crash when I try to modify the constraint on the placeholder layer on the attached file. I've created the document myself following a video tutorial. I've redone the tutorial from a new file and didn't have the issue anymore. Hope this will help to fix this bug. Image-placeholder.afdesign
  6. Fgrasset

    Huge Performance Issues

    Hi, I have the same performance issue as described above. I also deleted all preferences without much effectiveness: still not 60 fps and very laggy, even with near empty document. I'm running AD 1.5.4 on iMac (27", mid-2010), MacOS 10.12.1,CPU: i7 @ 2,93 Ghz, 12Go Ram, ATI HD 5750 1024Mo. I've got the same issue on MBP retina (15", end of 2013), MacOS 10.12.1, CPU: i7 @ 2,3 Ghz, 16Go Ram, NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 Mo