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  1. Hello everyone, I have tried so many different ways to import photos inside the Affinity Photo on the iPad in order to create a New Panorama. So I imported RAW, TIF, JPGs, from Cloud or local and none of these worked. I placed the photos in, pressed to Stich and blank. Is this a known issue? Thank you!
  2. Here is the proof...Just DOUBLE tap to undo and voila, it always quits. I have attached the video clip, the crash data and the AD file itself. Please pass it along. Thank you. ScreenRecording-09-06-2018 19-55-00.MP4 Business Card.afdesign Designer iPad-2018-09-06-195905.ips Designer iPad-2018-09-06-200117.ips
  3. Unfortunately its rather random that's why I attached the data reports. As for the Vector brush, I was playing around with its settings and I pressed OK it crushed. I will try that again and see. Thank you for your response.
  4. After the latest update the app cruses randomly when closing a file for example or playing around with a brush. I can only submit the data, hopefully a fix on the way... Designer iPad.wakeups-resource-2018-09-04-120505 (1).ips Designer iPad.wakeups-resource-2018-09-04-120505.ips Designer iPad.wakeups-resource-2018-09-04-181544 (1).ips Designer iPad.wakeups-resource-2018-09-04-181544.ips Designer iPad-2018-09-04-182336.ips
  5. When I first did the boolean operation I thought it was weird that the program produced some many curves but then again I wouldn't know. I am hoping these issues will disappear in the next release or so. Thank you!
  6. Here you go! First try to select it and see how your iPad will crawl. Second, follow what I do and you will see. All the data is submitted...! Please advice because the number of crushes I am getting with the app in general are not justifiable, I am sure you can understand. Thank you. crushing.afdesign
  7. When making a simple Combine function of objects the app just keeps crushing none stop, very very very frustrating, can't do our work...!!! Designer iPad-2018-08-10-112126.ips Designer iPad-2018-08-10-112153.ips Designer iPad-2018-08-10-112241.ips Designer iPad-2018-08-10-112422.ips Designer iPad-2018-08-10-112728.ips Designer iPad-2018-08-10-113019.ips Designer iPad-2018-08-10-113346.ips Designer iPad-2018-08-10-113602.ips Designer iPad-2018-08-10-113713.ips NMMW2850_1.mp4
  8. Sean, I have only uploaded the one that did the crash. I would appreciate if all this issue is passed upon fast so the app causes less crashes. Thank you.
  9. Name of the font that quit comes from the Belleville family. In addition I am attaching the crash reports. Hope all that helps, thank you. Crash.mp4 Designer iPad-2018-08-06-144225.ips Designer iPad-2018-08-06-144624.ips Designer iPad-2018-08-06-144803.ips
  10. I will try doing that in the meantime can you please look at all the Crash data I have submitted? Thank you.
  11. Here you go folks, seven (7) analytics data, hope that helps the technical team. Thank you! Designer iPad-2018-08-01-164857.ips.synced Designer iPad-2018-08-04-113451.ips.synced Designer iPad-2018-08-04-113905.ips.synced Designer iPad-2018-08-04-165601.ips.synced Designer iPad-2018-08-04-184159.ips.synced Designer iPad-2018-08-04-201738.ips.synced Designer iPad-2018-08-05-193752.ips.synced
  12. It does not occur with all the fonts but this is like looking for a needle in the haystack, I wouldn't know which one causes trouble. Bottom line there is an issue there.
  13. The app has a lot of potential but too many bugs to short out...
  14. Hello there. I have noticed the app on the iPad crashes either importing fonts from the cloud or applying these custom fonts on any given example. Can the Technical team reproduce that crash? Is there anything I can do to submit the bug? Thank you.
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