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  1. Thank you @walt.farrell for the thoughtful response! Very helpful! @GabrielM More magical features every day! Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I think we can call this thread solved!
  2. @walt.farrell Yep! That did it for the 1px exports. Any way to snap objects to the nearest pixel automatically? Can't find the option anywhere. Any solution for the scaling problem? Thank you!!
  3. 1. When exporting for iOS, when creating a slice from a layer, the slice will have 1 px more on the H and W. Very frustrating and slowing down my workflow. Should fix. 2. When scaling an object, corner radius and shadown offsets don't scale along with everything else. Should add this functionality like you did "scale with object" on strokes. Thanks guys!
  4. Awesome! Glad to hear. Indeed I prefer to work on the pasteboard vs the constraints of an artboard (infinite canvas!). I'd say there should be consisten behavior: either allow design or don't outside the artboard. Thanks for the help everyone!!
  5. Just you. You can design vectors everywhere, artboard and pasteboard. User's expectation is to have consistent behavior across the experience. I'd concede your point if nothing could be done outside the artboard.
  6. UPDATE: I "fixed" it. @stokergTurns out, painting works but only on top of the artboard in the canvas. I paint on the pasteboard but it doesn't work. Works perfectly on the artboard. Definitely a bug though as one would expect to be able to paint anywhere. Thanks guys!
  7. Ok, I can definitely say it's a bug. Painting on a new pixel layer doesn't work, but if I copy and paste a pixel layer from another file, then I can pain on that layer. I just erase its contents then paint there. @stokerg I'll upload the file for you to check, but please keep it safe and delete after checking it. (saved the file again but that didn't fix it) Thank you for your help gang!
  8. See attached video. The brush doesn't work in the pixel persona for me on some files. I'm working awesome with vector layers, then switch to pixel to add some texture, but nothing happens. Already tried deselecting everything, tried letting the assistant start a new pixel layer for me, etc... but nothing works. So I have to start a new file, work the texture there then copy it back. Very annoying. I'd love it if someone has a solution, or if the devs can confirm this is a known bug. Thank you! nowork.mp4
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