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  1. Hi there, I'm having a similar problem with my intuos 5,first it started just not registering right clicks, but then the pointer started teleporting on screen and it eventually it stops working. I've recorded a video. just as a side note, when you see the cursor stopping mid canvas. that's when the pen stopped working, had to click on canvas with the mouse to get the pen working again. In the video I'm constantly trying to change the brush size and it doesn't register right clicks, I even try it on the layer menu and nothing. maybe the vid helps. it would be awesome is you guys resolve this issue because it renders painter very unproductive for painters. having 4 shortcuts (at least) to change brush size and opacity its just a pain in the but To be honest I was super exited about AP, bought it, found this bug and started learning krita, which is now my main painting program. This bug renders AP completely useless to me and if it persists I'll have to ask for a refund, with great sorrow, believe me. Here's the vid Cheers guys EDIT: SOLVED - Followed Mark's advice, deleted and reinstalled those drivers and now it works like a charm, thanks Mark ! I'm back to AP