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  1. Here's one generated with oiiotool and amazing trackpad art oiiotool rgb.png -chnames render.R,render.G,render.B xyz.png -chnames normal.X,normal.Y,normal.Z --chappend uv.exr -chnames texture.U,texture.V --chappend -o rgbxyzuv.exr It has 8 channels (oiiotool --info -v output): rgbxyzuv.exr : 256 x 256, 8 channel, half openexr channel list: normal.Y, normal.Z, normal.X, render.R, render.G, render.B, texture.U, texture.V After trip to Affinity Photo, toggle layer off/on to allow saving and then Save... rgbxyzuv.exr : 256 x 256, 7 channel, float openexr channel list: normal.Y, normal.Z, normal.X, render.R, render.G, render.B, texture.V As you can see, U channel is lost. rgbxyzuv.exr
  2. I need to crop photo to given pixel size. Select crop tool, mode: absolute dimensions. Click on width field to focus, type in the desired width in pixels, e.g. 123. Now, I'd expect tab key to move focus to height field, but it only flashes once and then the focus is lost, presumably to the updated cropping indicator component (which moves if you try arrow keys). Tabbing does seem to work with custom ratio mode, or if I don't change the width.
  3. I bought Affinity Photo to work on multichannel EXR files rendered with Blender. These files have lots of channels, say 13, containing normal XYZ, texture UV etc. While Affinity Photo 1.6.7 does load these files correctly, I only get 9 channels out when I save the file. This seems to be related to channel names, e.g. U and V channels load, but only V channel is saved. I'm attaching a 256x256 two channel EXR file with U and V channels, this gets saved as simple V channel by Affinity Photo. I'm also a bit puzzled with Affinity Photo combining some layers, e.g XYZ but not those UV layers. Is there a way to combine/uncombine those as separate layers? uv.exr
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