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  1. I already own designer. How do you go about painting symmetry in designer, pixel persona?
  2. Hi there, I'd love to see symmetrical drawing added to Affinity Photo. Minimally, across the vertical centerline, although it would be nice to be able to do symmetrical painting with any number of strokes evenly distributed. More than anything, though, when creating character sheets, it's nice to be able to quickly lay out symmetrical detail live, rather than mirroring after I draw for a while. Thanks, Alec
  3. Oh, yeah. I was hoping it'd be part of Photo. I guess I'll have to add it as a feature request. Thanks, Alec
  4. Hi there, I'm guessing I'm not seeing the obvious here, but I'm not seeing the ability to symmetrically paint. I can mirror layers and selection just fine, but I'd like to be able to mirror across a specific or multiple axes as I paint. Is that feature available? Thanks, Alec