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  1. Junkbondster

    Cannot Add a Vignette

    A guy showed me how to find the duplicate layer in another question. Now it works!
  2. Junkbondster

    Can’t Use Healing Brush

    Omg. Thank you. I’ve been looking for it under the layers menu.
  3. Junkbondster

    Cannot Add a Vignette

    I’m doing this using a pixel layer. Have been unable to find an explanation for what that is using help. I wanted to use a duplicate layer but could find no way of doing this using the help menu. I do not want to edit the original layer. If I do edit the original layer then vignette works. Sorry for confusion.
  4. Junkbondster

    Cannot Add a Vignette

    I clicked on the vignette under the filter icon and nothing happens. It does not matter if I max or minimize ANY of the controls at the bottom of the screen. No change whatsoever. What is the secret?
  5. I’ve been trying for over one day to figure out how to use the healing brush. About to go berserk. What is the secret? I tried adding a pixel layer on top of my photo layer so I could try the tool. Nothing happened. What layer am I suppose to use? I tried looking up the different types of layers in Affinity using the help but the instructions were all designed for experts who already know what each type of layer is. i tried duplicating the photo layer so I could try the healing brush but I found no option for creating a duplicate layer on top of my photo layer. So is there no way to create a duplicate layer with Affinity Photo? If there is where is that option hiding? The only way I have found to use the healing brush is to work on the original layer. I do not want to do it this way. Why can’t I find the option for duplicating a layer?
  6. I’ve been trying for days to figure out how to add a vignette with no luck. I’m selecting the vignette filter under colors and when I adjust any of the controls...nothing happens. What is the secret?