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  1. I have created some vector brushes and I've noticed that they have this long head and tail at the end of the stroke which jitters when you are drawing. I have included a video below to show you what I am talking about. I have noticed this with other brushes, though on a smaller scale. Is this normal for the vector brushes to have the stroke go beyond the last node? Affinity-stroke-tails.mov
  2. Stuart, that is so incredibly kind of you. Thank you. I haven't gotten to play around with your brushes yet, but from the preview sheet and giving them a quick glance, they look fantastic. Have you made any vector brushes that you've made that can behave like these raster brushes? From my experience so far, you can't really get the same effect with the vector brushes since there is no scatter, rotation, etc settings. I am in the Pixel Persona, I was just saying that the Draw Persona vector brushes were all there which was confusing me as to why my raster brushes in the Pixel Person were not. Unfortunately, I only run my back up at the end of the day. This totally would have worked if I had backed up before the program crashed. UGH! Lesson learned. Thank you so much for your informative and extremely helpful answer. It looks like I will be remaking the brushes! Thank you again to everyone for your help.
  3. Thanks StuartRC! Here are the answers to your questions: 1. It was around 50 brushes. 2. They were all Raster. For some reason, all of my vector brushes were not deleted like the raster ones were. 3. They were actually PSD brushes that I was using as a base and then tweaking. So I still have those original PSD brushes, but I spent a good deal of time making changes to the brush settings in Affinity to change them. 4. They are brushes I was creating that would allow you to add texture to illustrations. It's looking like they might just be lost unless there is some file somewhere that is attached to the program itself? I wasn't aware that I could save a blank document and all of my brushes would be saved to that document, as haakoo stated. I opened other documents in which the brushes appeared in brush menu and they are still not there, so I am confused on how that works. It sounds like when I am working on brushes, I need to just export them every now and then even if I am not done with them. But if you do know how I might be able to salvage what happened this time around, I would appreciate it!
  4. Haakoo, when you responded to me yesterday I had just lost about 5 hours of work, so I just wasn't going to respond well to a statement like this and I am not sure that anyone would. I am very new to Affinity and I didn't understand that the brushes weren't somehow saved into the program automatically like they do in other programs. I didn't find your statement to be helpful to my situation. If you had expanded upon your comment, as you did later, it would have been more relevant but the statement by itself was not helpful at all and came off like you were saying I was obtuse. Thank you for wishing me luck with my issue. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. Thank you RC-R. I am using a Mac.
  5. Thank you, haakoo, for the reminder on how to save a document. That was super helpful. I'd appreciate to hear if anyone else has some useful information on pulling up brushes that were previously installed. My Drawing persona brush menu was not affected. I only lost all of my previously installed Pixel brushes.
  6. I created them a few days ago and was just testing them on a canvas that was never saved out. But I have closed the program before and was able to pull up my brushes in the brush menu in multiple documents.
  7. It wasn't a document that I lost it was the brushes themselves.
  8. I have been working on some custom brushes for the Drawing and Pixel personas. The program just stalled and froze and I had to force quit. When I reopened Affinity Designer, all of the brushes I had been working on are gone. The brushes that came with the program are still there. I have been able to close and open the program before without loosing my brushes. Does anyone know how I can get my custom brushes back?
  9. Yes, perfect! Thank you so much stokerg and carl123 for all of your help!
  10. I see that I can create a Textured Image Brush with a transparent PNG successfully . However, I need to be able to change the color of the texture by choosing a stroke color and it seems that texture image brushes only put a hint of the color over the texture image brush. Is there a way for the texture to be a true bright red, for example, as a texture image brush?
  11. Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately, the bottom black part is crucial to the structure of the brush. These brushes are for edges, so I need them to be able to sit on a line. Is there a way to adjust where the "middle" of the brush registers on the pattern? The black part on the bottom was not an issue for the first two brushes, which is even more confusing to me. I really appreciate you looking into this for me!
  12. Hi, thank you so much! Yes, if I try and start from scratch in making the brush, the same thing keeps happening. Yes, here is the file that I am using to make the brush and also the brush files. As you can see, GSE-01 and GSE-02 are performing correctly, but GSE-03 and GSE-09 are not. Brushes.afbrushes
  13. I am trying to create a new brushes in the Draw persona. I was successful creating 20+ brushes exactly how I wanted them. Here is an example: However, now every time I try and make a new brush, just like the others and using the same process as the others, the brush continues to stretch despite the fact that I chose repeat: Has anyone ever had this happen before? Am I missing something obvious? I really appreciate anyone who might be able to help me solve this problem!
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