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  1. Hi Gabe - thank you for the response, but it is very unhelpful. Firstly the "Tech Specs", on the Serif Affinity Photo website state that this is what is required: " Windows® 7 (Service Pack 1; Aero enabled)", which is the OS that I am using. No mention is made of other updates or any other requirements, save those of the computer hardware, which my system far exceeds. If what you say is accurate, this is very misleading To not state which specific additional updates are required is most unhelpful and is likely to affect many more users than just myself, and is likely to deter others.
  2. Gabe - Thank you for your comment much appreciated. There are still a lot of people like myself who are using Windows 7 as they don't like the idea of Microsoft telling us what to download and when with updates, etc. Neither do I like the spyware built into Windows 10, so, until such time as Microsoft lets me run my computer the way I like, I will continue with Windows 7. I buy an operating system from them - it does not give them permission to tell me how to do things. Hope you can find a way to fix the glitch with Windows 7 as I am very fond of Affinity Photo. Having changed from Adobe
  3. Unfortunately the suggestions do not help. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate and have never experienced any problems with updates not working - for program. All drivers are as up to date as possible and there are no problems with the system. I have reinstalled v 1.9.1 and it works perfectly.
  4. PS I have attempted to repair the update by reinstalling, but this has made no difference which might suggest that there is an additional problem with the release.
  5. I am experiencing the exact same problem. Downloaded the v 1.9.2 update, installed it and now Afiinity Photo will not even start. Get a message each time I try that it has stopped working. This is the same with both JPEG and RAW files. Any ideas, or do I have to reinstall v 1.9.1 and keep that? The update looks useful, but only if it can be used. I also agree with the OP that the reminder that there is an update available can be quite annoying.
  6. Thanks Sean - I'll try and sort it out later in the week as I am a bit busy in the earlier part. The only problem I forsee is that we have an incredibly slow internet connection so uploading it might just be an issue. Much appreciated.
  7. Thanks Rick, I'll give that a try as it supports my feeling that it is more to do with tone/colour than anything else. It is something that might need some further investgation within the programming to ensure that the program does not alter the areas already selected by the end user - ie the end user knows what they want and that should not be overridden by the programming..
  8. Sean P Have looked at the video, which, truthfully, does not seem to apply to what I have experienced. It does not explain why, when I have selected an area to work on and try to refine the edges that when I do so the program ignores my selection and includes areas that I do not want into the selection. A second example, similar to the first is this The areas selected are clearly marked, as is one of the large unselected areas. When I apply "Refine", with or without "Smooth" the result is very similar to the next picture: The changes made have altered the selection bey
  9. I have only been using Photo on Windows 7 Ultimate for about a week. Thus far I have been quite impressed, though there are clearly some problems in these early stages. The problem I have just encountered involves the use of the Selection Brush Tool. Thus far I had found this tool to be much better to use than in Photoshop where I have much more experience - that is until just now! I was trying to select the ducks in the picture so that I could use the Levels tool on just them to increase the contrast with the rest of the image. The selection went relatively well as you can see from this image
  10. Thank you very much for your comments, they are very much appreciated. Part of the issue is that it if you identify "Lens Correction" in the panel and make sure that there is a tick in the box it merely gives you access to a number of sliders and other adjustments, eg Chromatic Aberration, Defringe, Lens Vignette. It does not show whether any adjustments have been applied automatically. Truth is that this does not help the end user at all. Hopefully this can be addressed in a future release.
  11. Thank you for your advice, much appreciated. Part of the problem still remains - why should the end user have to check this out when it would be much simpler for helpful information about this to be included within the software package? Additionally, surely one of the moderators or the staff at Serif know the answer to this which could help all users of the siftware. Why have they not provided the answer? If the answer is that lens profile corrections are not applied automatically, then might this be included within a future release? Part of the aim of such forums is to provide ideas
  12. This is a very interesting thread as it relates to an issue I have raised elsewhere in the forum. I have examined the supported lens that are listed by Serif in the link above and one of my lenses that I frequently use is not listed, but when I load an image taken using that lens the information shows: This would appear to indicate that the software recognises the lens, but the question remains - does it apply a lens profile to the image? This also might suggest that the list of supported lenses is greater than that which has been published. Any comments?
  13. This thread could usefully be linked to another recent thread on the same issue, see: hxxps://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/62409-automatic-lens-correction-how-to-adjust/&tab=comments#comment-323467 Sorry I have had to change the url slightly or it will insert the whole of the other thread which is not necessary. PLease replace the two "x" with "t" to find the appropriate thread.
  14. This thread could usefully be linked to another recent thread on the same issue, see: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/63102-how-to-adjust-the-automatic-lens-correction/&tab=comments#comment-327025
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