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  1. Thankyou all for your advice, I feel Im almost there? Just as Im opening my new updated version so a box says " can't open as affinity is already running"???? It's not.
  2. But i have the 1.6 version how do i update?
  3. Hi, I thought i said iMac , my apologise. Also Its Affinity photo I have not designer.
  4. Thankyou but, The message i get when using your link is : "Safari can't open this file cause no available application can open it". I am confused???
  5. Please help. So I thought it was time to update to 1.8. During the process i get a window pop up sayingAffinity was downloaded from internet ? do you want to open? I click yes, then nothing? Now i am unable to open Affinity at all?
  6. Please bear with me as I’m new hear. I have affinity 1.6 as 1.8 has just been updated , do I have to download all previous updates ie 1.7 etc, or can I just load 1.8 and that will suffice?
  7. Hi, hoping someone can help. I'm new to affinity so please bear with me. I tried to do the tutorial where the chap is sat on a bench and there's 3 of him.( you may have seen this on YouTube under Affinity multiplicity. Well I took several shots using my trusty tripod and then followed the tutorial. Everything went OK until I had to erase myself from the shot, I couldn't erase me!! The only thing I noticed which was a bit different was when I clicked for a mask the mask actually dropped below instead of staying within the level?? I don't know if that would make any difference? Please help me. Tony.
  8. Hi, Can anyone please explain. If you are fortunate to have the workshop manual you will have noticed at the beginning of tutorials where it says "open" its followed by red lettering. I thought that would open the photo we were working on?????? am I doing something wrong cause it dosnt open for me???
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