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  1. Small

    Rotate document

    I'm not looking to rotate the canvas but the document, so that brushes with horizontal graphics are vertical without having to modify the brush. But there are other ways to achieve what I want to do. But being a beginner on AD, I was surprised that this option does not exist. In any case, thank you for your answers and advice, really appreciated!
  2. Hi everyone, The problem is little bit different for me. I just cant select the file from DropBox. I made the IOS update (11.4.1) yesterday, maybe thats the problem? Thanx for your help!
  3. Small

    Rotate document

    I mean this, in AP (see screen shot). These are two different things. What you show in AD transforms objects. What i show in AP transforms document.
  4. Small

    Rotate document

    In the document menu on the top of the screen, you can choose the orientation (left, right, horizontal or vertical flip).
  5. Small

    Rotate document

    OK. Too bad that this option is not available in AD. It can be useful for some operations (especially to play on the orientation of brushes or styles ...) I hope this option will arrive in the next updates.
  6. Small

    Rotate document

    Hi DM1 ! Thank you so much for the PDF help files, i'll look to see if i find my solution. Yes, i mean not the canvas. I would like to switch the document from landscape mode to portrait mode. Is there a way to do it in AD, as it is possible in Affinity Photo?
  7. Hi everyone, I’m working on iPad and i’m an AD beginner. I’m just looking how to rotate my document (ont canvas) I searched few topics in the forums but can’t find any answer... Can anyone tell me how tom do il ? Thank you!
  8. Hi MyLazyEye, Thank you so much for this tip! Thats not exactly what i'm looking for but the process is really interesting! Still can't apply texture on roughed strokes but you're exemple can be use for many other stuffs! I didn't know the Erase option of the layers, looks cool. Thank you so much!
  9. Hey! Thank you for your answers, these are solutions that can be considered. I will try them. The only problem is that these processes (really smart) are very long for a single form and I prepare an illustration with many many elements. It will be difficult to achieve like that. I may have to work that bitmap with a pretty high resolution. Or wait for an AD update! Thank you again for the tips, I will still try them because it makes you want!
  10. Thanx for your reply Aammppaa. But expand a roughed vector brush is impossible. Expand only works with « classic » stroke. But I maybe make a mistake and don’t know how to proceed?
  11. Hi Gabe, Thank you for answer. So, is there a way to create roughed edeges on a vector shape in AD? Thank you!
  12. Hi everyone,I have a problem with Designer on iPad.When I create a vector shape with an outline (vector too) and I want to apply a texture with a pixel layer, it only applies to the shape. Not on the outline (see screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3yc70s53zgjd2fh/IMG_0036.JPG?dl=0 )How to make my layer layer apply to the shape and the outline?Thank you in advance for your answers !

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