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  1. Damn, that feature would really help right now lol. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Hey guys, I'm having a hard time figuring out the easiest way to do this. I have this vector design that's made up of black and white shapes: Here's a colored background so you can see how it's built: I also have black and white brush strokes on a top layer to cover up certain areas I didn't like, it's very messy. Is there an easy way to combine all shapes of the same color at once? In Illustrator I would merge everything, select all same color white, and delete. Is there a similar process in AD? My goal is to have the black areas on a transparent background as one compound shape.
  3. Oh so that's what a pasteboard is. Thanks, I didn't know what the proper term was.
  4. When I work in Illustrator, I like to make copies of complex shapes and objects and put them outside of the document bounds in case I ever need them down the line. Is there a way in AD to reveal the dark outside area of the document? I know I can put shapes and object out of view but I wouldn't know they're there unless I highlight them to show their outlines ( FYI Outline View Mode doesn't reveal outside the document).
  5. Using Divide works fine except when I have a shape completely inside another shape. Attached is an example of the results I'm getting: 1. This shows the 3 shapes I'm using. 2. Here they are overlapping each other completely inside one another. 3. When I click "Divide," I expect to get 3 new shapes: 1 blue ring, 1 red ring, and 1 yellow circle. But instead it looks none of the circles are being divided (cut into) and a filled circle is being created where holes should be.